Staffordshire Residents Reminded Home Fire Risk Checks Are For Everyone

Oct 3, 2012 by Warren

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service is reminding residents that a free Home Fire Risk Check is for anyone in Staffordshire who wants one.

Evidence shows that in some parts of the county, several properties in one neighbourhood or area have not had free Home Fire Risk Checks from the Service, despite the checks being free and for everyone.

Station Manager, Al Bateman said: “We have been to a number of fires in recent months where the property has not had a free Home Fire Risk Check from us and more often than not do not have any smoke alarms fitted. We have then found out that a number of the surrounding homes haven’t had smoke alarms fitted either.

“We cannot stress enough how important working smoke alarms are and we desperately want to remove the belief some people appear to hold that a fire will not happen to them.

“The reality is, a fire can happen to anyone at any time and a working smoke alarm could save the life of you and your family by giving you an early warning, allowing precious extra time to safely evacuate.

“Although we do prioritise elderly and vulnerable members of our community when it comes to carrying out free Home Fire Risk Checks, we will visit anyone who asks for one so please don’t think you can’t have one, or even worse – don’t need one.

“We don’t want to find out that your property was unprotected because we’re there putting a fire out: prevention is better than cure.

“Give us half an hour of your time and we’ll help to protect you, your family and home from fire as well giving you potentially life-saving advice on what to do in the event a fire. It’s even free to call us – 0800 0241 999 and you tell us when is most convenient for us to pop around.”

Not having a working smoke alarm can also affect your household insurance should you have a fire in the home.

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