Love of Tamworth wins tea with Mayor for girls

Sep 17, 2012 by Warren

Two girls have shared their love of Tamworth with the whole town – and won themselves afternoon tea with the Mayor in the Town Hall.

Nine-year-old Lauren Bowman and eight-year-old Mia Talbot were chosen as the winners of the I Love Tamworth Because…competition, organised by Mayor of Tamworth, Cllr Tina Clements.

Cllr Clements wanted to hear from the residents of Tamworth what they love about the borough. She asked entrants to complete in 50 words or fewer the sentence: “I Love Tamworth Because….”

Lauren, from Dosthill, said: “I Love Tamworth Because… it is where I have grown up all my life. Tamworth is the best town because we are all a happy community. We have a park, a cinema, the Snowdome, Tamworth has everything a town needs. And we have the best Mayor!”

Mia, from Wilnecote, said: “I Love Tamworth Because… there are loads of fun activities for children including the Snowdome, bowling, Drayton Manor, Tamworth Castle, bike lanes and I love going down to the Castle Grounds on my scooter and playing in the park then eating an ice cream and looking at the pretty flowers by the bandstand.”

Lauren and Mia have now been invited for afternoon tea with the Mayor at Frankie & Benny’s.

Cllr Clements said: “It is great to see how much the people who live here love Tamworth and want to share it with everyone. I would like to thank everyone who entered the competition, especially the winners, Lauren and Mia.”

Mia said that winning the competition was ‘awesome’, and Lauren said it was ‘the best thing that could have happened.’

Mia Talbot and Lauren Bowman tell Mayor Cllr Tina Clements why they love Tamworth.

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