Olympic gold rush for town centre on Torch relay day

Aug 31, 2012 by Warren

Tamworth’s Olympic Torch Relay not only saw 40,000 people flock to the event – it also resulted in nearly half a million pound being spent in the town centre.

And according to figures collected by Tamworth Borough Council, a total of £452,800 was spent in the town centre on June 30th. A number of catering businesses also reported the Olympic Torch Relay was the best day of trading in the last decade.

At all outdoor events, a number of questionnaires are carried out with the public to assess how they enjoyed the event, any compliments or complaints, along with what economic impact on the town.  These surveys are carried out throughout the course of the event by a number of Arts and Events staff. The team aims to talk to 5% of visitors, to ensure a consistent result.

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