Meet Ultimate Humungousaur

Aug 13, 2012 by Warren

Fans of teenage superhero, Ben 10, will struggle to contain their excitement when they meet Ultimate Humungousaur, who has arrived at Drayton Manor Theme Park, in Staffordshire.

The alien, who is famous for is super strength, a powerful roar and blue spikey mace on the end of his tail, has taken a break from fighting evil aliens and will instead be hanging out near the park’s Ben 10: Ultimate Mission rollercoaster. Visitors will be able to say hello and have their photos taken with the huge superhero under a specially built canopy, meaning they can stay dry if it rains.

Based on the hit TV series by Cartoon Network, the Ben 10 roller coaster launches riders forwards on their first tour of the track before they return travelling backwards along the same route. The track itself is 180m long and reaches heights of 20m, whilst the coaster reaches speeds of up to 55kph and a g-force of three.

But the fun starts even before visitors get on the ride. The initial stage of the queuing system transports visitors to Azmuth’s Lab on Galvan Prime planet, where they are introduced to Azmuth, the creator of the Omnitrix, which is used by Ben to transform into aliens. The Omnitirx is broken so Azmuth needs to fix it before villain Vilgax discovers it’s on Galvan and tries to steal it for himself.

Moving next to the Alien Chamber, visitors will be immersed in intergalactic alien world. As they progress through the workshop, laser beam blasts and warning alerts can be heard, bright lights flash and the ground begins to shake – the lab is under attack from Vilgax.

The appearance by Ultimate Humungousaur is part of the Drayton Manor’s ‘2012 Summer Explosion’, where the park will offer more adventure, excitement, laughter and magical moments during the six-week holiday.

In addition, the park has reduced online prices to just £20 for adults and £12 for both grandee (60+) and children (4 – 11). Meanwhile, under fours will receive free entry. There will also be free parking for those booking in advance as well.

The new prices will run from Saturday 21st July until Sunday 9th September. There will be a maximum of 2,012 of these reduced tickets available each day, so visitors should book early to ensure they get the discounted rate.

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