Tamworth Battle of the Bands Final Friday 3rd August.

Aug 7, 2012 by Ross

A sold out Assembly Rooms crowd were expecting to see a great selection of bands from around the area. They would not be disappointed, a selection of six bands were to play in the final.bSome from Tamworth and the rest from further afield including the excellent Aphemia who hail from Derby. Their set was on the heavier side of things and the hot sweating crowd loved them.

My personal favourite was Disarm Goliath a no punches pulled heavy metal band from the Walsall/Birmingham area. The winning band were called Ennui/Love an altogether different much mellower sound from these immaculately dressed musicians. Who also took as much care dressing the stage as they did themselves. The stage set included candles, tea lights, a bookcase and a standard lamp to add to the atmosphere; not forgetting a few glasses of red wine too.

Story and Pictures by Chris Gibson

Pictures from the event can be viewed here.

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