Tamworth African Caribbean Association Celebrates 50 years of Jamaican Independence

Aug 1, 2012 by Warren

Mayor Tina Clements with members of the Tamworth African Caribbean Association pic: CHills/JAGraphics

Tamworth African Caribbean Association celebrated 50 years of Jamaican independence at the weekend with a typical Caribbean event in Wilnecote Parish hall on Sunday 29 July. Mayor Tina Clements and County Councillor John Wells attended the event which was organised by Clifton Nicholson and his team. The event contained all things Jamaican: music, food, story telling, hair platting, crafts and an infectious Caribbean smile! Though it was raining outside some of the time; there was a happy carnival atmosphere in side that caught everyone who came near.

You get the impression whenever the Tamworth African Caribbean Association get together there is a spontaneous party. However this time there was a real reason to party for this event, no not Bolt and the Olympics! Jamaica is celebrating its 50th anniversary of independence and there was a birthday cake!

The African Caribbean Association has been running for around 15 years in various forms and has 70 members. It is a registered Charity that holds regular events at Park Farm Community Centre.The Association exists to empower and enhance the lives of African Caribbean people, promote unity within and without the community by allowing its programs and services to be open to people of all cultures and interested organisations,  promote black pride and provide positive role models for its youth. For more information email tamroots@yahoo.co.uk

Story and pictures by CHills/JAGraphics

Celebration of Jamaican Independence pic:CHills/JAGraphics

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