Street wardens to patrol on Sundays

Jul 27, 2012 by Warren

Street Wardens on Bikes. Pic: TBC

Tamworth’s team of street wardens will be patrolling the borough on Sundays until the end of September, following requests from the public for extra patrols to be added.

The street wardens already patrol the town centre, neighbourhood areas, parks and known anti-social behaviour hotspots six days a week and have become well-known faces in their areas.

Now from August 5 until the end of September, warden patrols will be seen on the streets seven days a week, with the addition of a Sunday shift which will operate up to 6pm. Two wardens from the 12-person team will make up the Sunday patrols.

The extra patrols have been brought in following requests from residents, who said they would like to see wardens patrolling throughout the week.

The new Sunday patrols will also give the wardens more opportunity to attend community events, promote environmental education and enforcement initiatives such as the Mucky Pup anti-dog fouling campaign and support the work of the Community Safety Partnership.

If the extra patrols are a success, they will become a permanent fixture – running from Easter to October every year.

Cllr Jeremy Oates, Cabinet member for Community Development, said: “We have listened to what residents said when they told us they would like to see more street warden patrols. The Sunday patrols will help the people of Tamworth to feel safer and will allow the wardens to carry out vital enforcement work throughout the week.

“One of our top priorities is the ensure that Tamworth is a safe place to live while reducing the fear of crime and the Sunday warden patrols will help this to happen.”

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