Billboard Promotes Flames Aren’t Games in Tamworth

Jul 27, 2012 by Warren

Fire Engine – Photo: SaltGeorge

A billboard promoting Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Flames Aren’t Games campaign has been erected on the ring road by Tamworth Football Club.


Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service has selected the location for the billboard as it is near to known grass fire hotspots. Last year, 154 grass fires took place in Tamworth and a shocking 86% of all grass fires last year were deliberately started. A billboard was also erected in the same location earlier in the year when the Flames Aren’t Games campaign was launched.


The Flames Aren’t Games grass fires campaign kicked off in March in anticipation of the dry Easter break which typically sees the Service over-run with grass fires. The billboard has gone up again now the summer holidays are underway.


Head of Risk Reduction, Glynn Luznyj said: “We tend to see a sharp increase of deliberately started grass fires during the Easter holidays.


“This year we are asking parents to help us in educating their children about the dangers and consequences of starting grass fires. Local firefighters have also visited schools in the area to talk to the children about fire safety before they broke up for Easter.”


“Prominent locations have been chosen to display the posters on the billboards which will result in a high number of people seeing them. Young people need to realise that starting grass fires is not a game and if caught they face prosecution by Staffordshire Police.”

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