Christopher Pincher Writes to Prime Minister Supporting 3 Mercian (The Staffords)

Jul 19, 2012 by Tamworth Conservatives

Christopher Pincher MP wearing his 3 Mercian wristband

Christopher Pincher, Member of Parliament for  Tamworth, together with Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant, has drafted a joint letter to the Prime Minister signed by all six Conservative MPs, calling on him to help save 3 Mercian.

The former Staffordshire Regiment is faced with withdrawal from the Order of Battle and most of its personnel subsumed into other units.  Mr Pincher and his colleagues have asked the Prime Minister to help them “preserve and cherish the symbols, tradition and heritage of 3 Mercian”. 

Five MPs (Bill Cash, Jeremy Lefroy, Aidan Burley, Karen Bradley and Christopher Pincher) also met with Defence Secretary Philip Hammond MP last week to ask him to help retain the name of the battalion.  Mr Hammond said that the government is keen for the heritage of former regiments to be preserved but that the decision how to do that is always left to the regiment in question. 

Following the meeting with the Secretary of State, Mr Pincher said:

“We will now seek an urgent meeting with the Colonel of the Mercian Regiment, Brigadier Andrew Sharpe OBE, to impress upon him the importance of preserving the name and traditions of 3 Mercian.  Regiments must of course be responsible for their own history but they must also be mindful of what former and serving soldiers think.”

The regiment was originally raised in 1705 in the King’s Head Inn, Lichfield.  In the 1870s as part of the Cardwell reforms two regiments (North Staffordshire and South Staffordshire) were created.  These were amalgamated in 1959 to form the Staffordshire Regiment which was itself merged with two other regiments to form a battalion of the Mercian Regiment in 2007.  The changes are being made to help deal with the £38billion black hole left in the defence budget by the last Labour government.

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  1. Derek Marsland

    Please help stop this errosion of regimental heratage. It was utterly wrong when regiments were lost to the Mercians a few years back. To lose 3 Staffords would be insult to injury for all Staffords, past and present. I have been out of the battalion for 16 years but would still fight for every single soldier with that cap badge, as would thousands . I defy any one in goverment or the millitary to put a price on that.

  2. I believe that a far better way for the Government to diminish the fallout which being felt, nation wide, trying to close the £38 billion shortfall or deficit, in the Defence Budget, passed on from the previous Labour team, would be to keep the traditions of all the Armed services and not to destroy parts of it and leave the remainder to suffer the indignity of being allowed to survive, rather to reduce the size of each unit by 20 percent, but keep their nuclei thereby preserving their traditions and their integrity, allowing the current ties and recruiting bonds and connections with localities, which have been nurtured over generations, to be preserved. That way the powers that be would avoid upsetting the Nation. If not there is no saying what will happen to the perpetrators. They too could lose their livelihoods as so many of those they are consigning to the scrapheap of ex-service personnel, cut off in their prime.

  3. Rob 2

    The Staffordshire Regiment Museum is holding an event next weekend, they are a great place to visit and get involved with, if you are interested in the Staffordshire Regiment.

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