Mayor attends Two Gates Family Fun Day

Jul 2, 2012 by Warren

Mayor Tina Clements with the finalists in the Two Gates Primary School Talent Contest where she was a Judge – Pic: Chills/JAGraphics

Two Gates Community Primary School held it’s Family Fun Day on Friday June 29,the day before the Olympic torch came to town.

Head Teacher Ms. N Llewelyn-Cook showed Mayor Tina Clements some of the work the Children had been doing for London 2012 before they toured the event.

Much of the Fun Day had been orchestrated by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Natasha Short the Chair of the PTA explained it was a team effort. However, both the Mayor and Chair of the PTA were overshadowed, in the children’s eyes, by Buzz Lightyear and a little later by Mickey and Mini Mouse…

Mayor Tina Clements, judged the Year 6 Talent Contest after she had a go at a couple of competitions on the stands and sampled some home made biscuits… I have it on good authority that she asked for a copy of the recipe for the biscuits too!

Story by Chris Hills

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