Celebrate Safely This Jubilee Weekend!

Jun 1, 2012 by Warren

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service are reminding people to celebrate safely this Jubilee weekend.

Head of Risk Reduction, Glynn Luznyj said:

“We want you to have fun but we also want you to celebrate safely. Although the forecast isn’t as nice as the weather we have recently had, people will still be enjoying the long weekend in various ways and we’d like to remind everyone to consider fire safety.

“It doesn’t look like it will be barbecue weather for the next few days however people having parties or just cooking family meals still need to make sure they look when they cook.

“Over half of all the house fires we attend start in the kitchen and we believe all cooking fires are avoidable. If you’re the chef, avoid drinking alcohol until you’re finished and never leave cooking unattended.

“If you’re coming home from a night out and feel peckish we would urge you to grab a takeaway on your way back and not attempt to cook late at night – especially not if you’ve been drinking.

“An all too common occurrence for us across Staffordshire is attending cooking fires caused by people who have left their food unattended and fallen asleep. They are not only endangering their lives by doing this but also the lives of anyone else in the house, neighbours and the firefighters who then have to rescue them and deal with the fire.

“We launched our summer safety campaign earlier this month and plenty of tips for staying safe in your home and out about can be found on our website. We can also, as always, come and carry out a free Home Fire Risk Check at your property – simply call 0800 0241 999 to book an appointment.”

Over 4,000 beacons are set to be lit from 10pm on Monday 4 June to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee so the Service would like to ask anyone taking part in the beacon celebrations to treat the beacon as you would a bonfire.

More information about the beacons can be found here: http://www.diamondjubileebeacons.co.uk/

For more information about celebrating safely this summer, including a list of tips for people organising street parties, visit www.staffordshirefire.gov.uk. Also follow Staffs Fire on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates throughout the summer

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  1. Bec

    The shine and the celebration of the jubilee have all gone for me, after I read an article in the Guardian that found that (groups of) ‘unemployed jobseekers were bussed into London to work as unpaid stewards during the diamond jubilee celebrations and told to sleep under London Bridge before working on the river pageant.

    They told the Guardian they had to change into security gear in public, had no access to toilets for 24 hours, … “We all got off the coach and we were stranded on the side of the road for 20 minutes until they came back and told us all to follow them,” she said. “We followed them under London Bridge and that’s where they told us to camp out for the night … It was raining and freezing.”

    At least pay these people minimum wage and provide accommodation, what has this country become? Arbeit Macht Frei.

    And it’s likely to be worse for the £10 biilion Tax payer funded olympics. One firm providing free stewarding for the olympics is being given £284 million of tax payers money to provide free workers.

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