New BMX track site hit by vandals

Mar 14, 2012 by Tamworth Conservatives

Tamworth’s new BMX site was broken into on Saturday night and equipment stolen.

As a result of the break in, Councillor Rob Pritchard, deputy leader of Tamworth Borough Council, is encouraging anyone with information about the incident to contact the police.

The track is at the back of Deltic, Glascote, and aims is to encourage young people to take part in the sport, improve their BMX skills and encourage families to enjoy the open space.

According to the police, a digger on the site was taken which has now been located near Carlcroft, Glascote Heath. However the police is urging people to come forward with information to catch the perpetrators. Anyone with information should contact CrimeStoppers on freepone 0800 555 111.

Work only started on the £50,000 community BMX track last week, which is a result of National Lottery funding. This followed an application from Belgrave Residents Association, assisted by Cllr Pritchard.

Councillor Pritchard, a long time supporter of the BMX track, slammed the theft: “Our borough is lucky
enough to have the world’s biggest name in track constructing a free-to-use track for Tamworth residents, yet one of our residents has broken into the site and stolen a digger; it is important that we do not let the mindless actions of
one person ruin a great project for everyone else.

“Please come forward if you have any information and help restore Tamworth reputation in the BMX community.”

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