Swine flu cases confirmed in Tamworth

Jul 3, 2009 by Warren

nhs swine fluIt has emerged that Tamworth now has it’s first official cases of Swine Flu, with two schools seeing the first outbreaks.

Two students from Belgrave High School and one from Woodlands Primary School have been diagnosed with the virus. With the West Midlands having the most cases in England and health officials admitting the virus could now only be treated, not contained, it  seemed like it would only be a matter of time before Tamworth saw it’s first case.

Simon Turney, Head teacher at Belgrave High School, where two students have been diagnosed with H1N1 strain of Influenza told the Tamworth Herald:

“I can confirm that there have been two cases of swine flu diagnosed within the student population, and both within the same family,

“The school has worked closely with the family to ensure that accurate information has been made available.

“Subsequently the school has worked very closely with the Health Authority, which has resulted in a thorough risk assessment.”

Both schools though will remain open on the advice of the Health Protection Agency.

We here at Tamworth Blog have been in contact with South Staffordshire Primary Care Trust to ascertain what residents of Tamworth should do if they think they have Swine Flu.  The advice is should you have flu like symptoms is to stay at home and call the Flu Line (0800 1 513 513).  They are keen to point out that you shouldn’t go to your GPs or the hospital.  By phoning this number, details will be taken, diagnosis given and in the event of a being diagnosed with Swine Flu, medication will be made available to you for a friend to collect from a designated location.

Judith Wright, Director of Public Health at the South Staffordshire Primary Care Trust said:

“I would like to reassure residents that the majority of localised cases of Swine Flu found in the UK have so far experienced mild symptoms with both adults and children making a rapid and full recovery.

“There are simple steps that everyone can take now and in the future to help prevent catching colds and flu based on good respiratory and hand hygiene. Always use a tissue to catch your sneezes, throw away used tissues where germs can linger and regularly wash your hands.

“Most importantly, if you have flu like symptoms, stay at home and call your GP or NHS Direct on 08 45 46 47. Do not go to your GP surgery or visit your local accident and emergency department, because this might spread the illness to others.”

For more information on Swine Flu and how you can protect yourself and your family then the government flier can be downloaded from here.

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